Battlecon 3


«Scene: Artix, Galanoth, Alina, and Hero at BattleCon.»

Artix: <hero>, the entire team is SO EXCITED to meet you!

«Beleen leans in and waves at Hero.»
«Beleen leans back out.»

Artix: We call our players the "friends we have never met" for a good reason: because you are awesome!

«Screen moves to the left revealing Titan.»
«Hero nods his head at Titan.»
«Titan leaves.»

Galanoth: The team leads for our games are waiting to talk to you about the games they make…

«Screen moves to the right revealing Hollow.»
«Hollow raises his fist and leaves.»
«Screen moves back to the left.»

Alina: And if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see us do next, let us know!

Artix: All of our games are made for and with you, because without you, there would not be an Artix Entertainment.

«Cysero comes up from the bottom of the screen with a weird looking smile.»
«Cysero goes back down off screen.»

Alina: Oh, and <hero>? If Cysero tries to convince you to build a washing machine…

Galanoth: RUN!

«Scene fades.»

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