Battlecon 2


«Brutalcorn is flying through the air and hits the BattleCon live stream screen.»

«Scene: Artix and Hero at BattleCon.»

Artix: Awwww YEAH! Who's the most brutal Boss-slayer? THIS Hero!

«Artix raises his hand showing a thumbs up.»

Hero: This means we're about to get our BattleCon on, right Artix?

Artix: Now that there are no creepy horse-warriors keeping people from entering…
Artix: We are going to RULE this Con!

«Hero rises his fist.»

Hero: We're gonna go meet the team?

«Screen moves to the left revealing Dage the Evil.»

Artix: Absolutely!

Hero: /Dance at the Timezard's Ball?!

«Everyone looks up revealing a disco ball, Cysero, and Alina hanging from the ceiling.»

Artix: I will /airguitar if you /headbang!

Hero: Dress up like pink ponies and swing around laser swords?!!!!!!

Artix: I…

«Beleen runs threw with a pink pony head on and Memet on her back.»

Hero: Just kidding! YOU can dress up as the Cosplay Zombie!

Artix: !!!!
Artix: We are going to get into SO MUCH TROUBLE, my friend! Battle CON!

«Scene fades.»

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