Battlecon 1


«Scene: Hero, Artix, and many other people at the BattleCon Convention.»
«A helm goes flying towards Artix and Hero.


«A warrior lays on the ground dazed.»
«Screen moves up.»

Hero: So, this is BattleCon! You guys sure take the name literally!

Artix: <hero>! I am so glad you are here! I cannot wait to hang out with you at Con, but…

Hero: But I need to kick some before the Con can begin?

Artix: Exactly! I must defend the line from the legions of undead lurching towards us.
Artix: (whisper) I do not really believe those are costumes. Only REAL zombies smell THAT rotten!
Artix: YOU need to take on… the most BRUTAL BOSS EVER!

«Hero raises his weapon.»

Hero: I've got this, Artix! Just point me in the right direction.
Hero: We'll be watching anime on the big screen before you can finish saying Kameha -

Artix: He! I knew I could count on you! But before you can get closer to the front of the line…

«Screen zooms in on Artix who is reading a scroll.»

Artix: You will need to /equip a few VERY important items.

«Scene fades.»

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