Battle Badges
ptr.jpgPTR Tester
Awarded to players who have helped with PTR Testing
PTR-lag-tester.jpgPTR lag tester
Awarded to active AQW Members who helped the team test and reduce the lag in AQW.
ptr-guildtester.jpgPTR Guild Tester
Awarded to active AQW members who helped the team test Guilds Phase 1.
guild-city-ptr.jpgGuild City PTR
Awarded to active AQW members who helped the team test Guilds Phase 2.
server-ptr.jpgServer PTR
You unlocked this badge for helping test AQW's new server on the test PTR! Thank you, and Battle On!
ptr-server-tester.jpgPTR Server Tester
You unlocked this badge for helping test in the server PTR, Phase 2. Thank you, Hero!
friday13.jpgFriday the 13th
Awarded to those who have participated in the Friday 13th Events.
kungfood.jpgKung Food
Everybody was kung food fighting.
punter.jpgMoglin Punter
You kicked a moglin 100 yards! A perfect punt!
charbadge-zorbakpunt.jpgZorbak Punter
MEHEHE! You kicked Zorbak 13 yards!
The unluckiest (for him) punt!
eye-was-there.jpgEYE was there
Awarded to those who were present during the One-Eyed Doll LIVE Musical Event (June 25th 2010)!
You stubbornly denied the possibility your path could possibly be the WRONG path.
unicorn-commander.jpgUnicorn Commander
After helping Voltaire save Etherstorm and taming his Black Unicorn, you are a Commander of Unicorns!
cornelis-reborn.jpgCornelis Reborn
Awarded for slaying 100 Gargoyles and unlocking the treasure chest in the Cornelis Family Vault. Thanks to you Cornelis will rise again!
skypirate-slayer.jpgSkyPirate Slayer
Awarded to valiant heroes for aiding the SkyGuard in a time of dire need by slaying 100 SkyPirates.
derp-moosefish.jpgDerp Moosefish
Does this badge really prove that you, who have claimed to have found the amazingly rare Derp Moosefish, are not crazy?
This badge was awarded to you for helping Ethan from Ctrl + Alt+ Del recover the Winter-een-mas crown!
stone-cold.jpgStone Cold
This person has freed the Stone Paladin Guardian from his imprisonment!
tmbg.jpgThey Might Be Doppelgangers!
You've completed Part 1 of the super-sized AQWorlds 3rd birthday event starring They Might Be Giants!
tmbg2.jpgYou Are A Giant
The Collector is permanently rare now, and YOU saved They Might Be Giants and kid Drakath! Welcome home, Hero!
You have opened the DragonGate and set free the ancient elemental dragon Desoloth.
chaos-thief.jpgThief of Chaos
You have stopped Pettivox and Drakath from tainting all of Lore's magic with Chaos in The Magic Thief event!
You and your team took down Ultra-Carnax! Victory is yours!
You unlocked this badge by completing all of Quibble's Talk Like a Pirate Day quests! ARRR!
You helped One-Eyed Doll and Cysero escape the clutches of Dr. De'Sawed!
storyarc.jpgStory ARC
Awarded to those who helped the band ArcAttack test their shocking musical experiments on Vordred.
You have completed the AQW tutorial, guided Twilly safely to Battleon and inspired Serval to follow your example. You are a true hero!
master-of-time.jpgMaster of Time
You have proven that you have mastered time by defeating BOTH Ultra Iadoa and Ultra Kathool! Well done, hero!
world-savior.jpgWorld Savior
You have saved the world of Lore from the threat of The Beast Quetzal and Kezeroth the World Ender.
ConZombie-Slayer.jpgConZombie Slayer
You were awarded this badge for slaying 100 ConZombies at BattleCon: an In-Game Convention!
BattleCon-VIP.jpgBattleCon VIP
You were awarded this badge for saving BattleCon: our In-Game Convention from BrutalCorn!
chaos-harpy.jpgChaos Harpy
You received this badge for defeating the 2nd Beast of Chaos!
2nd-chaoslord.jpg2nd Chaos Lord
You received this badge for defeating Chaos Lord Xiang!
wedding-ring.jpgLord of the Wedding Ring
You unlocked this achievement for battling through Artix's Battle Wedding event!
victor-conquest.jpgConquest Victor
Your humiliation of Conquest is complete!
victor-war.jpgWar Victor
Your slaughter of War is complete!
victor-famine.jpgFamine Victor
Your feast over Famine is complete!
victor-death.jpgDeath Victor
Your mastery of Death is complete!
ravenloss-war.jpgRavenloss War
You've made peace with the ChaosWeaver Queen and strengthened the Alliance!
ravenloss-champion.jpgRavenloss Champion
You defeated 100 ChaosWeavers in honorable combat!
save-the-princess.jpgSave the Princess
You unlocked this badge by completing the tutorial and saving the Princess!
guild-launch.jpgGuild Launch
You unlocked this badge by creating a Guild Hub with Guild Launch!
The Paladins of Lore (and Daimyo!) salute you, Hero.
hoard-zombie-slayer.jpgHorde Zombie SLAYER
You are one of the greatest Zombie Slayers Lore has ever seen. The Undead Assault begins with YOU!
frost-defanged.jpgFrost Defanged
Congrats! You've taken down Frostfang - reward yourself with a big mug of Moglinberry cider!
mummy-slayer.jpgMummy Slayer
You unlocked this badge by slaying 100 mummies in The CruxShadows 2015 Halloween event!
cruxshadows-defender.jpgCruxShadows Defender
You unlocked this badge by completing the CruxShadows 2015 Mogloween event!
13DoomLordBadge.jpg13th Doom Lord
The Lords of Doom welcome you to the shadows!
goldengauntletbadge.jpgGolden Laurel
You defeated all the opponents in the Golden Arena!
6th-bday-savior.jpg6th Birthday Savior
You unlocked this badge by finding all 7 cursed artifacts in AQW's 6th birthday event!
celestialchampiobadge.jpgCelestial Champion
You defeated all 30 opponents in the Celestial Realm Arena. Aranx salutes you!
aj3um3z.jpgShadowVault Champion
You defeated all 100 vault guardians in the crashed ShadowScythe starship.
E8KlsBf.jpgDark Mosh Pit Champion
You defeated Thrash, Infernal Lord of Rock, and protected the band during the Korn Battle Concert event.
charbadge-chainedmoshpit.jpgChained Mosh Pit Champion
You defeated the Ghost of Songs Unsung and protected the band during the AIC Battle Concert event.
charbadge-breakingbenjamin.jpgFar Away
You defeated the Planeshifter and protected the band during the Breaking Benjamin Battle Concert event.
charbadge-twigtableflipper.jpgTable Flipper
Twig really appreciated your help building his dream burger… and turning him back to normal.
charbadge-dreamchaser.jpgDream Chaser
Congratulations on escaping the Sandman. Thanks to you the band realized THEIR dream.
charbadge-battlebabysitter2.jpgBattle Babysitter
Kyger is lucky to have a battle tutor like you… Now just keep him alive!
charbadge-madeitthrough2020.jpgYou made it through 2020
You never gave up and made it through 2020!
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