The King of Carnaval
Thank goodness you’re here! I am Batista, the King of Carnaval, and I need your help. Ferocious monsters have scared away everyone! And we can’t host the largest party in the world without any partygoers. Will you help me save the Carnaval of Terra da Festa?

Carnaval is the most joyous time of the year! Thousands of people gather in Terra da Festa and dance down the streets of the Samb༽romo. Everyone dresses up in fantastic costumes festooned in feathers, headdresses, and masks.

Carnaval costumes are more than just cool—they are important! Feathers symbolize spiritual growth, rebirth, and our ability to rise above Chaos. Masks portray the ability to transform yourself into anything you want, linking sacred and secular life.

Carnaval is significant to the Terra da Festa culture. Carnaval celebrates the importance of community life. Once Carnaval begins, normal life is suspended, worries are forgotten, and everyone is full of joy as we celebrate self-expression, transformation, and exploration!!

- Batista's Quests
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After completing Batista's Quests:

The King of Carnaval
You did it, Hero! The Carnaval of Terra da Festa is saved because of you! Thank you so much𠅊nd now everyone can enjoy the magic of Carnaval. Festa On!

- Batista's Quests
- Carnaval! seasonalsmall.png


Note: Personal NPC of Tendou no Mazo (an AQW Tester).

Thanks to Maicompdr, Rsrdaman, ShatteredReality and Tendou no Mazo.

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