Batara Kala


Location: Ultra Kala
Level: 90
Difficulty: 5 stars
Total HP: 2,000,000

  • Big Suck: 1,139-1,392
  • Devour
  • Club Smash
  • Mace Slam: 1,139-1,392

Temporary Items Dropped:

  • Kala Batara Defeated (Dropped during the 'Batara Kala' quest)

Items Dropped:


  • Batara Kala means "God of the Underworld" in Javanese and Bali Indonesian.
  • Cannot be stunned.
  • Attacks are guaranteed to hit and cannot crit.
  • Every 5 seconds, Batara Kala uses Devour:
    • Applies Devouring to itself, which increases its outgoing damage by 100% and heals him over time (does not stack).
    • Applies Feasting to itself, which increases Batara Kala's DoT power for each target hit (stacks).
    • Applies Devoured to up to four players, which deals damage over time (does not stack).
  • Every 15 seconds, Batara Kala charges a Club Smash, which deals AoE true damage to up to 4 players. Also applies Vulnerable, increasing the damage they take by 50% for 10 seconds.
  • Damage over 20,000 dealt to Batara Kala is reduced (but is never reduced below 20,000).
  • Also see Kala (Monster).

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