Batara Guru's Tale


«Ki Sama puppeteering the tale of Batara Guru»

Ki Sama: Many ages ago, a most honorable and great deity named Batara Guru was crossing the sky, flying with his wife in their sacred chariot.

«Close up on Ki Sama holding a puppet of Kala»

Ki Sama: He carried with him the Seed of Creation, which gives life to all creatures and humans.
Ki Sama: But woe! They began to argue, and in the fishing, Batara Guru dropped the Seed, and it fell into the ocean, where a fish swallowed it.

Ki Sama: The magic of this Seed was so powerful, the poor fish could not contain it, Storms rolled in, lighting flashed, and giant waves crashed all around.
Ki Sama: From deep under the water, an immense, eldritch being rose up in a beam of light. It ravaged the land, consuming anything in its path.
Ki Sama: As it traveled, destroying the land and people, it grew larger and stronger. Batara Guru knew he needed to subdue this abomination he helped create.

Ki Sama: He sent soldiers to capture it, but the creature drove them away in defeat, and disappeared.
Ki Sama: Batara Guru did not know what to do… until the beast appeared in his own palace!
Ki Sama: It said to Batara Guru, "I have so many questions, and no one to answer them. What am I? Why do I exist?"

Ki Sama: And Batara Guru said, "You are the fruit of a Seed fallen from my hand in rage, dropped by mistake. I am truly sorry."
Ki Sama: Batara Guru continued on, "You did not choose to be what you are. But I acknowledge you as my son, god of light and of the earth."
Ki Sama: "I will give you the Forest of Krenda to call your home. A wife to be your companion. And a name, so the world will know you."

Ki Sama: This was only the first of many stories my people tell of Kala. Each of the others is even more intriguing. *cough*

«Ki Sama grins, evilly>

Ki Sama: But telling stories with shadows and puppets is hungry work. You must join me and our audience for a feast to celebrate the eclipse! … I just need you to help me prepare it. HAHAAAA!

«Scene fades»

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