Baron Luca (NPC)


After completing the 'Undead End in Sight' quest:

Vampire Lord of MystReach Manor
Where are my villagers?! What has been done to my villagers?! I NEED them to keep the manor running and the kitchen fully… staffed. Hero, if you can find my sla-servents, you will get a great reward! And while you are hunting them, I have a few… other tasks you may assist me with.

- Baron Luca's Quests

After completing the 'Are You Luca'ing For Trouble?' quest (Must have Luca's Signet in inventory):

Vampire Lord of MystReach Manor
Ah, did you think a finishing blow from some Hero would destroy me? I might have turned into dust, but stronger magics protect me than any you puny mortals are aware of! The Darkness can only be defeated by the Light, and if the Light is extinguished… Ahahah! Go, Hero. Help me if you will, but if you will not, just… GO.

- Baron Luca's Quests




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