«Scene: Hero watching EYE-sac, Malik-EYE, and the followers in the barn.»

EYE-sac: Whom do we serve?

Followers: She Who Walks Behind The Stalks!

EYE-sac: Who is our master?

Followers: She Who Walks Behind The Stalks!

EYE-sac: For whom do we collect the candy corn?

Followers: She Who Walks Behind The Stalks!


Malik-EYE: Now all the grown-ups are gone, and we are free to do as she wishes!

EYE-sac: She Who Walks Behind The Stalks has shared with me the secret of CHAOS…
EYE-sac: …and I now share that secret with you all!

Malik-EYE: Soon we will control all the candy corn in Lore, as she has commanded.
Malik-EYE: What we began with this small farm we will soon spread to Battleon!
Malik-EYE: Then to all of LORE!

EYE-sac: ALL of Lore's children understand the power of CHAOS through the Chaorrupted Candy Corn.
EYE-sac: Serving as her army, we will do away with all the grown-ups.
EYE-sac: When Lore is finally hers to control, we will eat NOTHING but candy… FOREVER!

«Screen zooms in on Hero.»

Hero: …I think these kids have had a little too much sugar…

EYE-sac: THERE! Hiding in the shadows…

«Screen moves to EYE-sac, Malik-EYE, and the followers.»

Malik-EYE: Destroy that HERO!

«The followers run towards Hero.»
«Screen moves to Hero.»

Hero: Yikes!

«Hero runs out with the followers chasing him.»
«Scene fades.»

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