Baoyu Lin

Captain of the Empress' Guard
My name is Baoyu Lin, Captain of Princess Ai No Miko's Serpent Warriors as well as her personal guard. It isn't safe for us to talk out in the open. The Yokai are the eyes and ears of Kitsune, and they're always lurking somewhere nearby. We're waiting for the day Kitsune releases his grip on the Isles. Our hopes are all on you. If…no, when defeat Kitsune, return here. There is much Princess Ai No Miko would like to share with you.

- Progress

After completing the 'x' quest:

Captain of the Empress' Guard
It's an honor to meet you, the Hero of the Isles and a close friend of Ai No Miko. I am Baoyu Lin, the Captain of her Royal Guard. We call ourselves her Serpent Warriors because Ai No Miko is a descendant of the Jade Snake Prince of Wuji. You're wondering what that means? Ah, Ai No Miko was asking you to join us on her ship. We'll fill you in on the details if you come aboard.

Serpent Warriors
The Serpent Warriors are Ai No Miko's protectors. We used to stand guard for her mother, until she passed away. Before she was the Empress, she was taught onmyodo and other forms of magic at the Mikoto Shrine. Ah, you're asking why we call ourselves Serpents? The late Empress was the descendant of the Jade Serpent Prince of Wuji, meaning that Ai No Miko is his descendant as well.

I am a Descendant of the Jade Dragon Princess of the Wuji, who was the elder sister of Ai No Miko's ancestor. That makes us cousins, and perhaps you've already met Yue, the Descendant of the Jade Rabbit Princess. For centuries, we needed to keep our lineage a secret from Kitsune but thanks to you, we're free to celebrate our lineage openly. That means you'll be the guest of honor at every Lunar New Year festival.

Wuji Empire
Centuries ago, ships from across the sea arrived at the Yokai Isles. They carried six Princes, six Princesses, and hundreds of refugees fleeing from the Wuji Empire - A silver garden where the Champion of Metal rules as Emperor over an immortal populace. This eternal life and youth came at a cost…That's why our ancestors took as many of their people as they could to escape. The Yokai Isles have protected us ever since.

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Note: Baoyu Lin (暴雨淋) means "Heavy Rain" in Chinese.

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