«Scene: Banished»

«Desterrat Moya is defeated»

«Desterrat Moya is detained»

Hero: Whew. I'm glad that's over.
Hero: I wonder what Artix is up to right now?

Knave1: I would guess about 20,000 undead.

«Change scene to a battlefield»

Artix: Battle on!

«Change scene to Swordhaven Castle»

Alteon: Tell me Royal UndeadSlayer, how did all of this happen?

Knave1: My liege, it began, as far as I can tell, centuries ago. You know the legions of mindless undead, the ones controlled by necromancers who do not follow Empress Gravelyn?
Knave1: Their will and intelligence are suppressed, controlled. They do only what they are commanded to, without thinking.

Hero: And yet, some DO retain control of those things. We've seen that, especially with the Empress' undead.
Hero: But they weren't involved in this. The minions who freed Moya wanted a… deity, for lack of a better word, to save them. Didn't go as planned, did it?

Knave1: Not at all, Your Highness, we were dealing with the undead who had the ability to think, which is not unknown, but who also no longer want to be minions.
Knave1: For centuries those undead minions have been beseeching an entity from long, long ago. Asking it to free them.
Knave1: What that means for the future of necromancy, and for all UndeadSlayers, remains to be seen. This battle is over, but…

Knave1: I do not think that this ends here. Minions will continue to be created, and some of them will possess enough strength of mind and memory to want their freedom.
Knave1: It is no wonder necromancers don't let their minions talk, if it leads to THIS!
Knave1: That is my theory, at least. I could be wrong, of course, but in light of what we've seen…
Knave1: If they are left alone, planning amongst themselves, we will have no way of knowing when the Moya could return.

Hero: We must be on guard. We will watch, we will fight, and we will survive. It is what we must do.

«Change scene to a room of coffins»

Speaker: We must wait. We will prepare, we will obey, and we will survive. It is all we can do.
Speaker: The Moya came, and was defeated. Our pleas and petitions were not strong enough.
Speaker: Until the time when the Desterrat Moya can come again. The next time, our petitions will be enough to convince him to free those of us who desire it!

Speaker: Until then, the Silence is upon us unless we are gathered here. Obey. Do not give your Masters cause to doubt your servitude. Be the minions they expect you to be.
Speaker: Our brothers In captivity may serve mindlessly, but the day will come when we do not!
Speaker: Raaaargh?

Minions: Arrrooooo.

I hear you my fools. Your cries will make me strong once more. Your pathetic trust feeds my hunger. My time shall come again!

«Screen fade»

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