The ArchFiend's Claw
It has been a long time now, since our master was "defeated". His loyal followers have been taking care of the Nation in this absence. We could use someone like you though. You show skill, and promise. We just need to see if a mortal such as yourself can handle the responsibility.
- type /join citadel
- Go left into the cave…

Find your way through the shifting maze of his caves.
Make sure you have gathered 50 Bone Dust… (you will need them to progress.)
Step through the portal. (After this, you will be able to /join tercessuinotlim directly)
Speak with the denizens of the ArchFiend's realm… IF you prove worthy, they will have many rewards for you. But be warned, they will NOT be easy to earn!

Location: ShadowBlast Arena


Thanks to Amduscia.

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