Ballyhoo (NPC)

Master of Promotion and Hoopla!
Whoohoo! My name is Ballyhoo! Do you want to open the Magic Treasure Chest? By viewing advertisements from our sponsors, you will earn a prize! The prize could be gold, AC, or special items given by the sponsor. You can view the ad a limited number of times each day!

- View Ad

After viewing advertisements:

Master of Promotion and Hoopla!
How was the ad? Our sponsors are great, aren't they! And now you get your super-awesome prize! Whoohoo!

- Get Reward

After viewing maximum amount of advertisements:

Master of Promotion and Hoopla!
Sorry, deary, but I have no more prizes for you today! Come back tomorrow - there will be more prizes for you to win!


  • You MUST view the advertisement for the reward.
  • Rewards are scaled based upon your level/membership.
  • Artix confirmed on his Twitter that the drop rate for 5 ACs is a little under 10% (The exact drop rate is 5%). The drop rate was later confirmed to be doubled in a Design Note posted on July 30, 2010.
  • US players can watch 10 5 advertisements per day and NON-US players can watch 5 6 5 advertisements per day.




Thanks to Beowolve, Bramimon, Strongo9, Tendou no Mazo and Valosity.

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