Balboa (NPC)

Battle-Pet Tamer
Hey hey hey! Step right up and meet your very first, shiny-new Battle-Pet! I's traveled the lands valiantly searching to bring YOU the finest in combat companions! … Just don't make me have to go up against them again… please? they They fight REAL good, i I promises!

Someday Balboa's gonna be the biggest an' best Battle-Pet tamer EVER! I's gonna own my own circus someday, and you'll bring your Battle-Pet and wow the crowds, right? I'll be here for a few days, then I'll move to Aria's Pet Shop! Some of my pets are REALLY popular, so will only be in stock for a short time.

- My 1st BattlePet Shop


Note: Also see Balboa (Monster).


Thanks to Malak93.

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