Bakeshop of Horrors Cut 6



«Scene: the Hero confronts Count Luca in the Bakeshop of Horrors»

Count Luca: Where is Cysero? I demand to see the slave-thief!
Count Luca: He stole my servants; I will steal his BLOOD and his SOUL! And it will be delicious!

So delicious a filling. Juicy. Fresh!
Battle, sweet Hero. With every moment you're here, the scent grows stronger.
Peaches… and you. Smelling of, flavored with insanity. Dripping madness.

Hero: I… don't know what you're talking about! Cysero baked… a pie, and then went off to find the final… ingredient.

But I only want… YOU.

Hero: He hasn't… been here in hours. But if you're after… taking him down, I'll have to know… YOU out!

And after playtime… dessert!

«Count Luca attacks the Hero»

«Scene fades»

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