Bakeshop of Horrors Cut 5



«Scene: Willow Creek»

Farmer Northrup: Son, you get that there field hoed afore I get back. The Weaponsmith needs a favor.

Come to the Kitchen. You need to check on the pie. The pie is ready.

«Farmer Northrup's eyes turn to orange spirals»

Farmer Northrup: Things are sure lookin' strange. Is… is that corn a whisperin' to me?
Farmer Northrup: No matter, I'd best be getting' along to the Forge.

Lil' Northrup: Daddy? Where are you going? You shouldn't leave!
Lil' Northrup: Help me hoe, Daddy. You need to teach me more! Daddy, don't go!

Leave your son, your wife. Their plots and plans and schemes grow thicker. You are in danger.

Farmer Northrup: Danger? Son, you been planning somethin' without tellin' me?
Farmer Northrup: You have! Boy, when I get back, we're goin' to hafta have ourselves a TALK.

Come. NOW!

«Farmer Northrup leaves.»

Lil' Northrup: Daddy? Who is talking to you? Can't you hear it?
Lil' Northrup: Daddy, don't go! Don't listen! Daddy!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Farmer Northrup next to Cysero's pie»

«Scene fades»

«SFX: screaming»

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