Bakeshop of Horrors Cut 4



«Scene: Count Luca and a minion outside the Bakeshop of Horrors»

Such sweet filling. The need to taste it burns. Thick, hot. So good.

«Count Luca looks up. The minion's eyes become orange spirals.»

Come to the pie. Come to the Kitchen.

«The minion walks off.»

Count Luca: Get back here! Where are you going?
Count Luca: That voice! Is THAT what is stealing my slaves? I will not stand for it!
Count Luca: He is not allowed to have you!

«Count Luca tackles the minion into a well.»

Come to the Kitchen. Hot and ready and sweet, the filling must be tasted when it's fresh.

«Count Luca gets back up»

Count Luca: Oh, I'll come. I will come.
Count Luca: You think to encroach on MY slaves? They are for ME to eat! Not some… voice.
Count Luca: Luring my slaves with promises of baked goods? I know you, Weaponsmith.

So hungry! You are so hungry. And so I am.

Count Luca: I will be there, and I'll be hungry. And YOU will be desert, Baker-smith!

«Scene fades»

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