BakeShop of Horrors Cut 2



«Scene: Valencia in old Battleon, talking to a random adventurer»

Valencia: That's right! Those extra inventory spaces will help you --

He said to look in on the pie. You should look in on the pie. Someone could be eating the pie.

«Valencia's eyes turn into orange spirals»

You should come now. Come to the pie. The hunger burns. One taste won't hurt.

«Valencia drops the loot she is holding»

Valencia: Ex… cuse me. I -- I have something to do. A favor for Cysero. I will be back shortly.

«Valencia walks off. The adventurer scratches her head.»

«The screen behind Valencia flashes from yellow to red and back again.»

Valencia: I… should… keep going. But things are not norm --

Bushes ripping free from the ground. Flowers bleeding. Stones dying. And you…
Hurry to his Kitchen. You will be safe in his Kitchen. No monster can hurt you in his Kitchen.

Valencia: No monster… can hurt me…

«Valencia walks off»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Valencia in the BakeShop of Horrors»

*laughter* Come… Come… *laughter*

Valencia: I… do not think I should… be here?
Valencia: The rarest pie of all… it looks so good! But why… is everything in Cysero's kitchen -- melting?

«Valencia gets closer to the pie»

Valencia: This doesn't… look right… but I am so HUNGRY!

So afraid, so scared. I savor the flavor of fear! Uncertainty and insanity… so sweet!

«Scene fades»

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