BakeShop of Horrors Cut 1



«Scene: the BakeShop of Horrors - labeled "Cysero's Forge" and "and Bread-O-Rama"»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Cysero inside the shop, next to a giant pie»

Aaah, it smells delicious! A snack above snacks! It just needs to be removed from its tin!

«The Hero runs into the shop»

Cysero: Welcome, Hero! You haven't visited my Forge-Kitchen before, have you?
Cysero: Then again, neither have I, not in Mystcroft. It tends to wander randomly.
Cysero: I can always find my way home, though. Hard not to feel the call of the forge and the oven when the call comes, you know?

Hero: I'm not one for baking or smithing, but I'm always ready to sample your wares.
Hero: Although… with what could come out of YOUR kitchen…

«The Hero and Cysero get closer to the giant pie»

Cysero: Good! Then you can help me with my latest project -- this peach pie.

Hero: Pie? I like pie. How about I do some Hero'ing for you in exchange for a slice now? While it's hot!

«The Hero reaches to grab a slice of pie, but Cysero swats their hand away with a giant spoon»

Cysero: Not yet. It's done baking, but there's something… not quite right.
Cysero: I need one more ingredient, something… special. A spice, an herb, that extra flavor to complete it.
Cysero: I can infuse it into the filling once we find that extra-delicious additive.

«A skeleton in a trance pops up in the window behind Cysero and the Hero»

Cysero: Oh, and while you're helping me look, I'm going to need you to keep any hungry villagers or creatures away.

Hero: Already had to chase away people looking for a taste?

They are so hungry! I am, too! We must share a meal, I think.

Cysero: People, monsters, they all seem hypnotized by the smell of my pie. Not that I can blame them.

Hero: If I'm going to be battling AND looking for ingredients, you might just want to call in some extra watchers. Just to be safe.

An excellent idea. More to taste! More to savor! Such sweet filling inside.

Cysero: Brilliant! I'm sure some of our friends wouldn't mind standing guard in exchange for a free slice once it's ready.

Hero: Let's get to it, then. I can already taste that pie in my mouth!

Look at you, so tasty! And look at me, so hungry!

«Scene fades»

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