Bad Teddy Bear



«Scene: the Hero faces off against Mr. Wubbles»

Mr. Wubbles: HA HA HA! You can't defeat me! I am eternal! I am everlasting! I-

Kleio: You're a big MEANIE!

Mr. Wubbles: …what?

«Scene: Close up of Kleio»

Kleio: You're fluffy and adorable. You're surrounded by people who just wanna be your friend.
Kleio: But all you want to do is HURT people!
Kleio: You're… you're a BAD TEDDY BEAR!

Mr. Wubbles: I… I don't think that's really fair…

Kleio: It IS. It's EXACTLY what you are. And I… I…

«Kleio turns into a pink chinchilla»

Kleio: …I don't think I LIKE you anymore.

Mr. Wubbles: But… but…

Valencia: How is she even doing this?

Hero: I have NO idea. Just roll with it.
Hero: I don't like you EITHER. I thought you were lovable, but you're just another dumb monster!

Mr. Wubbles: But… but I'm Mr. Wubbles!

Valencia: You WERE Mr. wubbles. NOW you're just some second-rate scare.

«Mr. Wubbles turns back into a giant teddy bear»

Mr. Wubbles: No! Look! I AM Mr. Wubbles! I'm an adorable pink bear!
Mr. Wubbles: I'm cute! I'm fluffy! I'm your friend!

Kleio: It's too late. I just don't care anymore.

«Mr. Wubbles' entire body droops»

Mr. Wubbles: No! Please! I need this! I need-

«Scene: Black screen»


«Scene: Mr. Wubbles lies in pieces on the ground»

Hero: Wow.

«The Hero holds out the Stone of Eternal Fiendship»

Hero: Well, I guess he doesn't need THIS anymore.

Kleio: I. Guess. Not.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Kleio (now a human again), Valenica (holding the Stone of Eternal Fiendship), and the Hero stand in Battleon Town»

Valencia: I guess I should put this in the Museum. Under glass. And heavy security.

Hero: I'm sorry that didn't work out, Kleio.

Kleio: Yeah. Never meet your heroes, right?
Kleio: It's ok. I may not have Mr. Wubbles. But I have you guys!
Kleio: Two friends who would do anything to make me happy.
Kleio: And that's better, isn't it?

«Scene: Close up of Mr. Wubbles»

Mr. Wubbles: Well, I think it is.

«Kleio starts crying»

Not again!
Teddy bear!

«Mr. Wubbles with his mask off»

Mr. Wubbles: What just happened?
Mr. Wubbles: Guys! Did I say something wrong?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Black screen»

Mr. Wubbles: GUYS!

«Scene fades»

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