Backstage Interview (Korn)

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Note: Also see Backstage Interview (AIC).

«Scene: The Hero is in front on the left side with the band members of Korn on the right.»

«The Hero starts to interview the band.»

Hero: Hi! It's an honor to meet all of you! It's cool that Korn got to play Battleon.

JD: We're glad we got to. Thanks for coming out to see us.

Hero: Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

JD No way. Go ahead.

Hero: Thanks. So, Korn has a new album coming out?

JD: Yup, it's called The Nothing and it's our lucky number thirteen.

Hero: Wow. Thirteen records is a huge amount for any band. How has Korn lasted so long in the game?

JD: We just get along. We strive to do new and interesting things. We're all still willing to take chances.

Hero: Did you take some chances on The Nothing?

JD: Oh, yeah. The band worked hard and came up with some really cool stuff.
JD: New and fresh kind of stuff, musically, but keeping the Korn sound, ya know?
JD: What I did was different too because I didn't rush it or settle.
JD: No producers giving their opinions this time. Just us, doing our thing.

Hero: Did that make things easier?

JD: In some ways, but way harder in some ways, too.
JD: I'm more critical of my work than any producer.
JD: I'd sing something and take the track home and listen to it over and over.
JD: Pick it to pieces, ya know?

Hero: How did Korn meet? What was your big break?

JD: A few of us knew each other growing up in Bakersfield and we were all in different bands.
JD: We eventually ended up combining forces and the rest was history.

Hero: Are you on tour now? What's it like?

JD: We are on tour now with Alice In Chains. It's great to be back on the road.
JD: The energy from the fans have been incredible. You gotta see it.

Hero: What's the craziest thing that happened on tour?

JD: We were playing a show before we were signed and someone sprayed pepper spray in the club.
JD: I had my back turned to the crowd and when I turned around the whole place emptied out. I looked to my left and Head and Fieldy were starting to puke.
JD: The police came and we had to get rushed out of the venue.

Hero: What's your songwriting process?

JD: The band usually starts writing the music and combining their ideas first and then I will jump in and work with what they have so far and take time to really feel it out before I write the lyrics and finish it by singing it.

Hero: What's your favorite song to play?

JD: Our favorite song to play is always changing. I think the new ones we have are always my favorite because we haven't played them since we were here in the studio.
JD: Right now, "You'll Never Find Me" is my favorite.

Hero: Do you have a social media account? Who posts on it? Where should I go to follow you?

JD: You can follow the whole band on @korn_official on Instagram or @korn on Twitter.

Hero: Do you have any advice for musicians, artists, and other creative people?

JD: Yes, be ready to work your ass off and don't give up on chasing your goals, and if it is really really good and you believe in it, other people will too.
JD: You just have to keep pushing and going for it.

Hero: What is The Nothing about?

JD: Well, it's really dark. For a little while, I was going through a lot of stuff.
JD: Making this album was kind of my way of working through it.

Hero: Did it help?

JD: It's never easy, like, facing your demons, but yeah.
JD: I took the time and focused on getting it all out. It sucked. It was hard. But I'm happy with it.

Hero: I can't wait to hear the full album!
Hero: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me!

JD: No problem, <Hero>. See ya at the next show!

«Scene fades»

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