Backstage Interview (AIC)

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Note: Also see Backstage Interview (Korn).

«Scene: The Hero is in front on the left side with the band members of Alice in Chains on the right.»

«The Hero starts to interview the band.»

Hero: So Alice in Chains's most recent album is called RAINIER FOG.
Hero: Does the title have some special meaning?

Jerry: We recorded the album in Seattle.
Jerry: After thinking about the whole story of this band and the pacific northwest…
Jerry: …the name just felt right.
Jerry: That title track is kind of an homage to the hometown and all of the folks in the area, and our lives and our careers.
Jerry: This record is chock full of good tunes. It really is.
Jerry: Of course everybody's going to say that, it's your new record.
Jerry: But it's a remarkable piece of work in the history of this band, I think. I really do.

Hero: You wrote the title track, Rainier Fog, right?
Hero: What was it like writing that?

Jerry: The original demo for Rainier Fog was recorded at my house in Los Angeles.
Jerry: I demo a lot here with our engineer.
Jerry: My friend Duff McKagen was over and I played him the riff and he loved it.
Jerry: He said, "That's your first single, man!"
Jerry: I didn't even have lyrics for it yet but he loved the music.
Jerry: The song is really rocking and it's got a lot of energy.
Jerry: That's kind of the thread and the theme of the title of the record…
Jerry: …where we started, where we recorded it, kind of coming full circle back to where we started.
Jerry: It's got all the elements of the great northwest and the Seattle music scene.
Jerry: It's more personal to this band and to this group of fellas.
Jerry: But all the characters and all of the folks that have been part of our lives in the Seattle area…
Jerry: …this song kind of encompasses all of that.
Jerry: It's more like a collage of all sorts of stuff.

Hero: You are co-headlining this current tour with Korn.
Hero: Was the choice to share the spotlight a hard choice for you?

Jerry: When we got the opportunity to finish out our tour with a co-headlining run with Korn…
Jerry: …it just made a lot of sense.
Jerry: We liked those guys a lot and we are good friends, and we're actually under the same management.
Jerry: They were starting out at the beginning of their album cycle and we were kinda coming to a close.
Jerry: I think it was a situation where 1 and 1 equals 3.
Jerry: Korn is great, they're an amazing band, a lot of power, a lot of energy.
Jerry: They're right there at the cream of the crop in their era for sure.

Hero: Is it true that you guys released a sci-fi film called Black Antenna that's kind of based on the album?

Jerry: Black Antenna will be a 90 minute feature film, but we released it in 10 webisodes.
Jerry: Each episode coincides with a song on our album Rainier Fog.
Jerry: I don't know that I'm a believer in aliens visiting our world but it's a fun idea.
Jerry: We are just one tiny little planet and there are billions and billions more suns and planets.
Jerry: I absolutely believe that if life exists here, it's kind of a rule of nature…
Jerry: …where you find one, you find another.

«Scene fades»

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