Back Through The Rabbit Hole


«Scene: Hero leaps into the air and stabs Marchosias with the Moon-Forged Blade»

Stryche: Is… is it done?

Hero: I… think so?

Stryche: Marchosias. Brother, I am so sorry it had to be this way.

Hero: Hello? Anyone Home?
Hero: Yeah, I don't think we're going to have to worry about him anym-

«Marchosias turns into a portal, which the Hero gets sucked through»

Hero: -ooOOOOORE!

«Scene fades»

Stryche: <Hero>!

«Scene: the Hero wakes up next to a tree stump outside Battleon»

Hero: Owww, my head.
Hero: What… happened?
Hero: Oh that's right. I was fighting this terrifying bear monster with… Stryche…
Hero: Omigosh! Stryche! Stryche, where are…

«Hero stands up»

Hero: …you?
Hero: I'm back home. And he's… gone.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: the Hero walks down a road between some trees»

Hero: Crap. Did any of that actually happen?
Hero: Or did I just fall asleep and have a really vivid-

«Scene: the Hero trips and then get back up with the Moon-Forged Blade in hand»

Hero: …dream.

«Scene fades»

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