Back from the.. Dead?


«Underworld, Hero as the New Death flies up, getting out of the Underworld»

«Drakath and Gravelyn on the edge, Hero comes in, flies up»

Gravelyn: <Hero>! You're… you're… alive!

Drakath: So you think you've defeated Death to come back and face me?

«Hero and Drakath confront»

Hero: I am Death now, Drakath! You don't have a chance!

Drakath: You can't be the Eternal Dragon of Time, god, and Death, all at the same time! You have no idea how death works!

Hero: You just don't get it, Drakath, nothing will stop me from defeating you!
Hero: I will become whatever I need to! I AM the Eternal Dragon of Time! I AM Death! I AM YOUR END!

Gravelyn: !!!

Drakath: There is no end… only CHAOS!

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