Back from the.. Dead?


«Underworld, the Hero as the new Death flies up, getting out of the Underworld. The Hero has gained Death's wings.»

«Drakath and Gravelyn on the edge, Hero comes in, flies up»

Gravelyn: <Hero>! You're… you're… alive!

Drakath: So you think you've defeated Death to come back and face me?

«SFX: Laughing»
«Hero and Drakath confront each other.»

Hero: I am Death now, Drakath! You don't have a chance!

Drakath: You can't be the Eternal Dragon of Time, god, and Death, all at the same time! You have no idea how death works!

Hero: You just don't get it, Drakath, nothing will stop me from defeating you!

«Close up of the Hero.»

Hero: I will become whatever I need to! I AM the Eternal Dragon of Time! I AM Death! I AM YOUR END!

«Screen pans over to Gravelyn.»

Gravelyn: !!!

«Close up of Drakath.»

Drakath: There is no end… only CHAOS!

«Fade to white.»

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