Baby Dragon

Y u kill Mama? Hungry! Sad! Scared! U NOT THE MAMA! Want the MAMA! Pinkmeat Two-legs BAD! Smells like me. Not me. BAD BAD! /cry

Yara : Um… Hero? I think we got lucky. Hot Mama here doesn't look dead, which means we can probably weak her up. Her babies didn't do anything wrong. Except be born HERE. It stinks.

Baby Dragon : M-mama can wake up?!!?!! Wake the Mama UP! Food me, Mama! U not the Mama!

A Plan
Yara : We're in luck… and so are our ears. I nose… know… a revival potion that should help - Burnwort, Dragonsboon and — well — human blood. The faster you gather the ingredients, the sooner this little baby stops screaming. And we can go…

Baby Dragon : MAMAAAAAAAAA!!!!! /cry

- Baby Dragon's Quest

After completing 'Poor Baby' quest:

*sniff* U bring back Mama… and food? Food me, Pinkmeat? *SNIFF* Not Pinkmeat? Not… Dragonmeat? What r u? Eh. U not food. Food now. MAMA!

Location: Battleunder E


Thanks to Fxmybrute13.

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