Ayi Jihu

Fear Chaser
I've never seen someone without any fears before. I think you might be just the person to help me face down the Manifestation Fears that have invaded BattleOn. They came with their minions to terrify the citizens of Lore. If we don't stop them, they'll keep getting stronger and will have even more of the people's fears to feed on. We MUST stop them!

You might wonder who we are facing, Hero. If I were talking to anyone but you, I'd be hesitant to list our foes, fearing that it would frighten my listeners away. We are talking about the manifestations of some very powerful Fears, afer all! We face: Vertigo, the Man infestation of the fear of Heights; Nyctox, the Manifestation of the Fear of the Dark; and Thanatops, the Manifestation of the Fear of Death.

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Note: Previously available to Free Players.


Thanks to Hina.

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