Assassins of the Dark Hand Dealer
Welcome to the Underworld's deadliest Arena! Generals of the Undead Legion built this arena as a proving ground for fallen adventurers. The best may be recruited into Dage's Undead Legion. Some, I will take aside with an offer to join a band of *cough* specially skilled individuals. For you - IF you think you have what it takes - test your might against the warriors within, and we shall see what the future holds.

Who are you?
hey call me Axeros. I lead a band of like-minded individuals. Highly trained and with a finely-honed sense of purpose. If you prove yourself, I might tell you more.

More Info (Requires SoulKeeper Blade)
Hah! You're quick witted. I'll give you that. Yes; I lead the Assassins of The Dark Hand are allied with the ShadowScythe, alongside Dage The Evil's Undead Legion. We seek for individuals with potential and train them to become elite assassins. And within YOU, Hero… I can see that fire in your eyes… The spirit of the Dark Hand! But first we must to remove that rust.

- Axeros' Quests
- Axeros' Farming Quest
- Dark Hand Merge (Requires SoulKeeper Blade)

Location: Legion Arena


Thanks to Lord Vordred 101.

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