Lord of Order Trainer
Greetings Adventurer. I am Axel, one who serves the Lords of Order within the Mirror Realm. We're always on the lookout for souls like yourself who can do what is necessary to keep balance and order in check. Are you interested in joining our cause?

What is a Lord of Order?
Hailing from the Mirror Realm, the Lord of Order offers protection and succor for their allies. With their healing, direct buffs and enemy debuts, the Lord of Order will make sure their party gets through an encounter safely while leading the pace of the battle.

How to get?
To become a Lord of Order, you must travel to the Mirror Realm's /Battleoff and complete Mirror Drakath's quest "The Final Challenge."
- Battleoff

How to use?
Recommended Enhancement: Lucky
Lords of Order are the premier choice for those who want to support their fellow adventurers in the toughest of fights. They are able to increase most core stats as well as a plethora of combat stats and can function as a healer in a pinch. Their most powerful ability is to nullify most forms of damage for a brief moment, allowing a reprieve for your team.

Location: Class Hall C


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