Awake... And Asleep!



«Scene: Aurelio Voltaire sitting behind a table writing down party arrangements»

Aurelio Voltaire: *yawn* I really ought to get to bed, but…
Aurelio Voltaire: There's so much left to do!
Aurelio Voltaire: Planning the perfect menu, laying out of the perfect decor…

«Scene: Aurelio Voltaire falls asleep on the chair»

???: … *mumbles*

«Scene: Aurelio Voltaire wakes up in surprise»

Aurelio Voltaire: Huh? What?

«Scene: Moves to the right to a shell with a skull on it»

Spooky Skull: I SAID, "avoid the grilled aubergine. You don't want to make your guests uncomfortable."

«Scene: Voltaire turns his head to Skull»

Aurelio Voltaire: Heeeey… you're not supposed to be talking to me!
Aurelio Voltaire: You're not supposed to be talking at all!

«Scene: Zooms out to include a Grumpkin, Bat Garland and a Spooky Lantern»

Spooky Lantern: Why not?

Bat Garland: Yeah! Why should YOU get to have all the fun?

Aurelio Voltaire: Woah, hey! I didn't mean-

Grumpkin: You think just because you made us, you get to tell us what to do?

Aurelio Voltaire: Well, no, it's just-

Spooky Lantern: What?

Aurelio Voltaire: You're not real!

«Scene: Close up on Memet and Monster Cake»

Monster Cake: Oh yeah?
Monster Cake: IS THIS REAL?

Aurelio Voltaire: Aaaah!

Memet: Mmmm-mmm! That looks tasty!
Memet: Did you make that, or did Oishii?

«Scene: Close up on Voltaire sitting behind the table»

Aurelio Voltaire: A collaboration! Her fine sense of flavor and my exquisitely spooky aesthetic.
Aurelio Voltaire: Wait a minute… if YOU'RE here…
Aurelio Voltaire: Does that mean I'm asleep?

«Scene: Memet on top of the table that Voltaire is sitting behind»

Memet: Somehow both asleep and awake at the same time. Good job!

Aurelio Voltaire: Ugh, I've been pulling all-nighters all week trying to get this done.
Aurelio Voltaire: I guess it finally caught up!

Memet: Yep, yep… I see this a lot.

«Scene: Voltaire chugging down Coffee»

Aurelio Voltaire: Hot coffee… should… wake me… UP!

«Scene: Close up on the Monster Cake»

Aurelio Voltaire: … The cake still has a face.
Aurelio Voltaire: Why didn't that work?

Memet: Hmm… You're awake and asleep at the same time… that's not supposed to happen.
Memet: I think we might be stuck in here.

Aurelio Voltaire: Great.

Memet: It's ok! I got this! I'm gonna get us some help.

Aurelio Voltaire: But how? Like you said… we're stuck in here!

Memet: Lucky for us, <Hero> is asleep right now, too!

Aurelio Voltaire: You'd better hurry! I can't fight this thing by myself!

«Scene fades»

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