Aven Greywhorl

Warden of the Woods
With Ravinos practically out of commission, I've taken it upon myself to act as your attendant to Brightoak and personal bodyguard against anything the Queen of Monsters throws at us.

I have no powers of purity like Ravinos, but Mother Nature did not pass over my lineage without her blessing. Since my great-grandmother was a child, the Greywhorl family has had fantastic control over all things flora. I've grown especially skilled with flowers. A silly speciality some say, but you'll be surprised at how much of a thorn in their side I can be.

- Aven Greywhorl's Quests
- Brightoak Reputation


Note: Replaced by Spirit of Aven Greywhorl in Elfhame after completing the 'Unlocking the Guardian's Mouth' quest.


Thanks to Amduscia and Fairies.

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