AuScythe Insight


«Hero in Gold Dragon's cave, when AuScythe runs by»

AuScythe: I had to guard the almighty Gold Dragon's heir myself. I am DONE FOR. I'LL BE TURNED GOLD FOR SURE.

«AuScythe runs by again»


«AuScythe runs by again»

Hero: CALM DOWN. What happened? Why the freak out?

«AuScythe stops running and faces Hero»

AuScythe: Xergon is gone, the entire lineage of Gold Dragons is in jeopardy, and I let it all happen.
AuScythe: Captain Nubar and his pirate crew stole Xergon's egg to sell on the black market.

Hero: I find it hard to believe they nabbed only an egg in a room of these treasures.

«Xergon points to a drawing on the wall, scroll to it»

AuScythe: This breed of dragon is a double edged sword.
Auscythe: They are known to bring civilization and advancement but also to conquer entire cultures in their insane lust to be worshipped.
AuScythe: Xergon's egg is invaluable.

«Change scene back to Hero and AuScythe»

Hero: As you are in no state to get Xergon back, let's get crackin' on my rescue plan.

AuSycthe: Puns? At a time like this.

Hero: C'mon we both know this will be an egg-cellent adventure.
Hero: Look on the sunny side (up), I'm sure the pirates haven't found someone to SHELL out enough to buy the egg.

AuScythe: Exactly what I'm talking about, this is wasting our time.


«AuScythe takes out a scroll»

AuScythe: Nubar's ship capsized off the Neverglade's coast. Find the pirates, find the egg.
AuScythe: I alerted an old friend of the pirate's location as well, work together and I won't be forced to pose as a stud of a gold statue!

Hero: With that information, I'm off.

«Hero runs off»

AuScythe: Don't you want to know about the egg's curse that turns everything gold?!?
AuScythe: Guess he shouldn't have scrambled off so fast. Hehe..

«AuScythe laughs and the cutscene ends»

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