Aurola (Cutscene)


«Scene: Hero defeats the The Moon and The Moon explodes»
«Close up on King Drago and Advisor»

King Drago: How could you have--

«A purple glitch-like animation happens and Advisor turns into So»

Advisor: You were supposed to be dead! Foul creature, why are you here? How did you survive Ti?

«La appears on the screen»

La: Temper, temper, my dear So. How did you manage to fool Drago into believing you were his advisor for this long?
La: But don't be so surprised.
La: <Hero> would have survived easily. I just stepped in to make sure she got back in time.
La: Regardless of their intentions, they were so patient with Fa and Re. <Hero> should be repaid.

«Scene: La and So standing on the opposite side of King Drago and the Hero»

So: They should have been eradicated, but you betrayed us all!

La: You're so confident in the Stars that you didn't even notice this how this Entity calls Lore home. Oh So, you've kept your eyes closed for too long.

Hero: Excuse me, La? This looks like you're helping me, but if this is the same help Re tried to give me, take it back.

King Drago: La? As in…Aurola?
King Drago: No! You're dead! You've been dead for years! I speared your eye myself!

La: You should have burned our bodies, Prince Drago.

King Drago: Then that means that he's still alive! Somehow, that weakling Darkon…how could he be alive?
King Drago: Stay back, Aurola! You know I am Alprecha's Beloved.

«King Drago looks at the Hero, scared»

King Drago: <Hero>, we must escape! These freaks aren't to be trifled with!

Hero: You have your own legs, your majesty. You must know how to use them.

«King Drago gets angry»


Hero: There it is! I knew you wanted to call me something worse. Frankly, I like being called a worm better than being called a kitten.

La: Just for now, throw this dog a bone. Get yourself and the King to safety. Use him as stress ball if you want. As for myself —
La: So and I have a lot to talk about.

Hero: Yeah. I'll just take his Majesty here out and put him someplace… safe.

«Close up on La and So»

So: You may have served the conductor since the very beginning, but that Darkon was slain. I merely wish to give him the justice he desires.

La: Which means he'll grant the wish you desire.
La: Very smart, thinking the same person who wants the Capital wiped out would care even an ounce about repaying you.
La: Luckily, you're wrong about our Liege, and <Hero>.
La: The strongest piece of the board is on the move, and will soon learn the truth.

«Scene fades»

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