Aurelio Voltaire's Quests

Jump to: Camp Gonnagetcha, Greymoor.

Quest Location: Camp Gonnagetcha
Quests Begun From: Aurelio Voltaire

Note: This quest can only be completed once.

These woods have an echo - and that makes it hard to tell where that scream came from. We're going to have to check all of the buildings until we find an answer. Start with the Black Knight's cabin - those guys have always seemed kinda sketchy to me.

Items Required:

  • Check the Black Knights Cabin x1
    • Click on the blue arrow on Screen 2
  • Vengeful Ghost Slain x1


  • 75 Gold
  • 75 Exp

Thanks to DragonLordArrin and Yiffa.

Quest Location: Greymoor
Quests Begun From: Aurelio Voltaire
Note: These quests cannot be accessed after completing the final quest.

Ugh. My car's not too bad off, but I'm still going to need to fix this flat tire before we can get moving again. I'll need a jack, an air pump, and something to patch that tire with. You can probably get them off those auto gremlins roaming the area.

Items Required:


  • 250 Gold
  • 250 Exp

Thanks to hecyon.

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