Audience With The Queen / Queen's Audience


«Scene: Safiria's Castle»

Safiria: Perhaps you are more… useful… than the average mortal. You have earned an audience with me, hero.

Hero: Your Highness, I've come to speak of Wolfwing and the threat that he poses to you and your kind.

Safiria: I can't waste my time with Wolfwing while the Werewolf King wages war against me on my own territory.

Hero: That is exactly my point, Highness. Those Lycan Knights who are invading your realm… they belong to Wolfwing, not the Werewolf King.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Wolfwing with Drakath»

Hero: I believe that Wolfwing has allied himself with Drakath, becoming one of his Lords of Chaos.

«Drakath gives Wolfwing Chaos power, chaorrupting him in the process. Wolfwing runs off»

Hero: He's chaorrupted some of the Werewolf King's Lycan Knights and sent them here as a distraction.

«Wolfwing attacks some Lycan knights and chaorrupts them»

Safiria: A distraction? From what?

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Safiria's Castle»

Hero: I'm not sure what he's planning. He's been sending packs of his Werepyres out of Darkovia looking for something. Something he wants to keep hidden from you.

«Safiria's face distorts and becomes more monstrous»


Hero: Your Highness…

Safiria: No! Your audience is through, hero. If you wish to get rid of Wolfwing yourself, you are welcome.
Safiria: My vampire Knights will allow you through the gate to the Wolflands… it is the only way to where Wolfwing lives.
Safiria: I cannot go chasing pitiful abominations when my home is under attack by the Lycans.
Safiria: You may pass through my lands freely. You have done us a service, and you will further earn our favor when you destroy Wolfwing…. but you are on your own.
Safiria: Leave. Now.

«Hero bows and then runs off»

«Scene fades»

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