Au'eir (NPC)

7th Head Corrupted Chronomancer
Oh, it's you. What are you doing here? Here to stop me from summoning Chronocide again? Don't worry, I've given up on that. However, since I was successful in completing the Time Ritual, my peers thought it was appropriate for me to become Head of the Corrupted Chronomancers since Thorne went and died on us! Have you come to join us? Perhaps you could be of use…

What are you?
We are Chronomancers that have abandoned our original duties for things more… Interesting. We mainly do whatever we want throughout the timestream and let the Chronomancers clean up after us. I mean, what fun is it if you are able to time travel if you have all these rules preventing you from having fun! There are some Corrupted Chronomancers that follow the teachings of Czas, the Founder of our Order, but they seem a little outdated now.

- Au'eir's Quests


Note: Also see Au'eir (Monster).


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