Attack on Shadowfall


«Scene: Shadowfall's Castle»

«Scene: Gravelyn and her minions»

Gravelyn: We knew this day would come… and now it's begun.
Gravelyn: Commander, go, call for *Hero*! He/She will need to lead the attack from outside our walls.

«Gravelyn points»

Gravelyn: *I* will command the defense from inside it.

«Scene: Cysero, Hero and Gravelyn's minions»

Hero: Baked apples and burnt rope can't do that… Can they?!

Cysero: Yep! But you don't have time to try now. You've got company.

Undead Knight: Uuuuurrrrrgh!

Undead Minion: Eeeeeroooo! Aaaaaoooh!

Hero: Right now?! Cysero! I need a –

Cysero: Gravy-covered banana and a fresh kraken tentacle?
Cysero: Remember what I said: Tentacle FIRST, banana AFTER –

Undead Knight: Reeeeoooo?

Hero: No, the tentacle does NOT explode. Now let's go!

«Scene: Gravelyn in Shadowfall»

«Screen fades»

The assault on Shadowfall by the forces of Chaos has begun!
Defend the fortress and preserve the Alliance against Chaos!

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