The Cronomancer
I don't have much time to explain, but I'll tell you what you need to know. An ancient evil is about to be awakened by the Chronocorruptors. His name is Kezeroth The World Ender and if he plans on living up to his name.

Who are you?
My name is Athon. I'm a Chronomancer from far in your past. I was trying to watch Kezeroth's defeat at the hands of a hero named Elim and his friends but the Chronocorruptors have changed the timeline. Elim's defeat is sealed in history but maybe Kezeroth can still be defeated.

Tell me More!
Every 26,000 years Quetzal's Comet passes very close to Lore. The Beast Quetzal sleeps inside the comet. Kezeroth will try to pull the comet down to Lore and if it lands it will cause untold devastation. Kezeroth will free The Beast Quetzal and use its power to freeze the world in a terrible ice age.

As this worlds greatest hero, I've come to you to help. Since I have become an active participant in this time line I can no longer see the outcome. You are VERY strong but you've never faced anything like Kezeroth. You can't defeat him but maybe you can stop his plans as Elim did.

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After completing the 'The Sword Of Hope' quest:

The Cronomancer
Quetzel has arrived. It is time to face him on the battlefield before he can destroy all of Lore.

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