ArchMage Trainer
Mana is the lifeblood of Lore. By tapping into its veins, the Ley Lines, you can cast spells to manipulate the Elements… Or, you can push yourself further, manipulate your reality, and change fate! Interested? I’m Asteria, a student from Dragonrune Hall. Ignore my title, I fibbed a little. I’m still studying to be an ArchMage, but I work part time as a teacher’s assistant. Professor Warlic doesn’t mentor just anyone, but I think you’re special.

What is an ArchMage?
The most powerful magic practitioners in Greenguard, and perhaps in all of Lore, are ArchMages. Mana is a permeating force that is present in all life, the elements, and the expanse of space. Mentored by the Blue Mage himself, ArchMages guide the flow of Mana. That allows them to manipulate the elements, and even reality itself- but very few ArchMages can generate Mana on their own.

How to Get?
To become an ArchMage, find Warlic in his classroom at DragonRune Hall to begin your studies. He’ll have you undertake quests. Fair warning- becoming an ArchMage is a very difficult endeavor. You can start at level 60, but the requirements will rise as you advance. By the end of your ten-quest journey, you’ll need to reach level 80. I would have become an ArchMage by now, but I have my part-time job to worry about.

- DragonRune

How to Use?
Recommended Enhancement: Wizard.
ArchMages are offensive spell casters that switch between two Ascension Modes – Corporeal and Astral. The former grants you durability and fire power, but exhausts your Mana quickly. The latter gives you constant influx of mana and drastically increases your damage over time, but leaves you far more vulnerable to injury.

Location: Class Hall D


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