Assault on Lore


«Scene: Light Temple»

Speaker: …and so it was told by the undead who came before. The Desterrat Moya - the Banished One - shall free us, shall raise us up, and we shall be minions no more.

Minion (1): Minions no more! So it was tol -

Minion (2): Arrroooo?

Minion (1): Rraaaaaaaaarrg!!
Minion (3): Uuuuurrrghhh!!

Speaker: Always be wary of other undead. Should our Masters learn a select few of us still possess our intellect, we would be wiped from the earth.
Speaker: Do not speak. Do not act without orders. Do not think. Do not feel. The rules against speaking exist for a reason.
Speaker: We are nothing… NOTHING until the Desterrat Moya returns! And the time comes. Our pleas have been heard, our petitions answered!
Speaker: Harken, my undead companions! Feel the malignance growing, listen to the wind; you can hear the Moya's howls. Freedom is at hand!

«Change scene to Banished»

«Desterrat Moya is released»

Pitiful FOOLS to worship me! I am so much more than the deity you dreamt, and ALL will feel my power!

«Change scene to Swordhaven»

Knave1: Thank you for your haste in answering my summons, <hero>. I fear your speed, strength, and determination will all be tested soon.
Knave1: Tell me, what do you know of undead minions?

Hero: I've fought against a number of them in my time. I'm as familiar with them as any other battle-ready <class>.
Hero: Why do you ask? What is it you need my help with, Royal UndeadSlayer?

Knave1: Just this: the Desterrat Moya is coming, may even be here now. Before you ask…
Knave1: The Desterrat Moya is a creature from before the time of our gods, banished by them to a prison far from here.
Knave1: I have recently leaned that it comes to Lore at the behest of a… coalition of undead minions which -

Hero: … Undead minions? Those piles of skulls and skin-flaps controlled by necromancers?
Hero: Unless their Masters are telling them to petition this… entity… I have a hard time believing they COULD. They aren't even supposed to TALK!

Knave1: Oh, they do, some of them. And the most dangerous ones THINK, not that they let their Masters know it.
Knave1: They've brought the wrath of an Elder One down upon us, and thy think he's here to free them.
Knave1: But they are so, so wrong. This is why we need your help, <hero>. Lore is threatened, from within and without.

Hero: If we defeat Desterrat Moya, we may face an undead rebellion. If we don't, this thing slays us all.
Hero: Got a plan beyond releasing Artix? Because you know he'll want in on this.

Knave1: Oh, yes I do. He's our internal insurance, the homefront warrior. You and I are going to face the Banished One!

«Screen fade»

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