Assault and BAT-tery



«Scene: the Hero with Von Poach defeated»

Hero: You just got PWNED, Von Poach!

Von Poach: …a Cap'n's work… never be finished… 'til me gets me booty!

«Von Poach nears the treasure chest, with Hargoyle on top of it, gets it and Hargoyle flies away»

Voltaire: Oh yeah, there's a warning label on the back of this thing…
Voltaire: Ye who opens the Treasure Chest be doomed to a life of exact opposites!
Voltaire: That certainly helps our situation, doesn't it?

Hero: Since the Vampirate Captain loves treasure and gold coins… then all his loot would turn into candy and chocolate gold coins!

«Candy Corn and Chocolate Bars»

Voltaire: Yeah, and that bat-bag's booty… um, his treasure chest, I mean… would turn into a Mogloween candy bag. Trick-or-treat, Batty Captain!

«Von Poach now holding a Candy Corn bag»

Hero: And to sweeten the deal… Captain Von Poach would transform into an ADORABLE fuzzy wuzzy friendly female bat!

«Von Poach transforms into just that»

Congratulations! Captain Von Poach just transformed into a Gargoyle bat!

Voltaire and Hero: D'AAAWWWWW!!

Voltaire: Well that was… unexpected.

Hero: Really?

Voltaire: hey now, I said unexpected… I didn't say I was surprised.

Hero: True.

«Hargoyle and Von Poach fly away in love»

Voltaire: Well would you look at that! Hargoyle now has a…. Girl-goyle Friend! (hey, they paid me to say it.)

Hero: Looks like Hargoyle may need to press charges for Assult and Bat-tery. (I didn't even get paid to say THAT!)

Voltaire: Iiiiiii think that's enough puns for this Friday the 13th.

«Deady eats out of the Candy Corn bag»

Hero: ???

«Deady holds out the missing piece of the treasure map»

Note: Ye Map to the REAL Buried Treasure!

«Deady steals the Candy Corn Bag and runs off»

«Scene fades»

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