Ashes to Ashes


«Scene: Ultra Drakonnan is being slashed and beaten by Galanoth.»

Ultra Drakonnan: HYEEEAH!

Galanoth: <Hero>! Now!

«The Hero points the Ice Katana skyward. The whole room glows an ice blue.»

Ultra Drakonnan: YEAAAAAAAGH!

«A burst of light shoots from the Ice Katana, and the screen flashes for an instant. Ultra Drakonnan becomes frozen, along with the entire throne room.»
«Galanoth jumps and slices Ultra Drakonnan's entire body in half. The screen flashes white.»

Galanoth: That… was for Demento.

«Scene returns, and the throne room is back to normal.»

Hero: We did it! I can't believe he's actually… gone.

Galanoth: No human can contain the power of an Elemental Orb.
Galanoth: It would have taken him eventually. Slowly, and painfully.
Galanoth: This was mercy. It was better than he deserved.

Hero: What do we do now?

«Suddenly, a small flame appears in front of them.»

Shade of Fiamme: <Hero>. Galanoth. I am Fiamme, the Elemental Avatar of Fire. And I need your help.

Hero: Omigosh, a real Elemental Avatar!
Hero: What do you need us to do?

Shade of Fiamme: With my Great Dragon slain, and my Elemental Orb destroyed, my plane is in danger.

Hero: What?!

Shade of Fiamme: When Akriloth died, Drakonnan briefly took his place - a dragon's power in a human body.
Shade of Fiamme: But with his defeat, my Plane has suffered a great loss in power.
Shade of Fiamme: If balance is not restored, the element of Fire will dwindle to ash.
Shade of Fiamme: This would throw the other Elements into chaos.

Hero: How can we restore power to your Plane?

«The Shade summons an egg that is designed with a fire pattern.»

Shade of Fiamme: This egg contains Akriloth's only child.
Shade of Fiamme: Its mother - Akriloth's mate, Uriax - was killed in the Fire War.
Shade of Fiamme: So I am entrusting it to you.
Shade of Fiamme: Take the egg to the Fire Dragons in the Dragonlands…
Shade of Fiamme: …where it will be raised to be the next Great Fire Dragon.

Galanoth: And if it causes as much destruction as its father?
Galanoth: I can't let anything like that happen ever again!

Shade of Fiamme: And if you do not do this, all of Lore will be destroyed!

«The Shade floats over to Galanoth, where it hovers over Galanoth's head.»

Shade of Fiamme: Fire has always spoken to you, hasn't it?
Shade of Fiamme: Look inside yourself, and you will see what's truly important… Dragonslayer.

Galanoth: I… I understand.

Hero: Don't worry. We'll see that it gets to the Dragonlands safely.

Shade of Fiamme: I am in your debt. As is the Plane of Fire.

«The Shade sparks and disappears, leaving behind a trail of smoke.»

«Scene changes back to the campfire in present-time.»

Hero: That was one of the hardest quests I have ever had to endure.

Galanoth: But we won. We defeated both Akriloth and Drakonnan.

Hero: We delivered Akriloth's egg to the Dragonlands, and kept the Plane of Fire safe.
Hero: We never gave up.

«Scene changes to the starry night sky, where the spirit of Demento can be seen smiling.»

Galanoth: We never gave up. And we never will.

«Scene fades.»

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