As Long As We Have This


«Scene: Hero poking at a lock»

Hero: Almost… got it…
Hero: There!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: First Mate Bloodbone stand behind the opened door»

First Mate Bloodbone: Well, well. What have we here?

Hero: Oops.

First Mate Bloodbone: YOU should be a block of stone by now. But here ye are, trying to break into me cabin.

Hero: I can explain.

First Mate Bloodbone: If ye want t' explain somethin', then tell me this:
First Mate Bloodbone: Did ye already manage to escape again?
First Mate Bloodbone: Or did the cap'n never imprison you to begin with?

Hero: Uhh…

First Mate Bloodbone: No matter. I'll just take care of ye myself.

Keelhaul Ricky: I don't think so, mate.

First Mate Bloodbone: And who the bloody heck are you? Keep yer nose outta this, friend. It's not yer business.

Keelhaul Ricky: Like heck it ain't, BUCKO! This <lad/lass> saved me bacon! I'd still be a statue of not for <him/her>.
Keelhaul Ricky: If ye want to get at <him/her>, ye'll have te go through me first!

«Ricky charges but Bloodbone grabs him by the throat»

First Mate Bloodbone: That can be arranged, PAL.

«Teja swings her sword at Bloodbone»

Captain Teja: Put. Him. DOWN.

First Mate Bloodbone: Ye best reconsider threatenin' me like that, Cap'n.
First Mate Bloodbone: Don't ye be forgettin' whose side yer on.

Captain Teja: Oh, I haven't.
Captain Teja: But YOU, mate.
Captain Teja: You're replaceable.

First Mate Bloodbone: No.
First Mate Bloodbone: Yer the one who's replaceable, "cap'n".

Captain Teja: Show yourself, ya coward!

«Bloodbone holds up the green jewel that was Teja's eye»

First Mate Bloodbone: We don't need you… as long as we have THIS.

«Scene fades»

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