Artix Nightmare



«Scene: Artix and Hero standing in a forest»

Artix: You did it!

Hero: Alright! Good job, me! I'm the best!

Artix: Now that we have the book all we need to do is say the magic words!

Hero: What magic words?

Artix: …I thought you knew them.

Hero: Nope.

Artix: They were from that movie… the Day the Earth… Um… did not move or something.. .

Hero: Yeah, but they didn't even say the words in the re-make.

Artix: !! Are you serious? Alright. Lets wing it!

Hero: ….

Artix: Klatu…. Barada…. Nnnnn…….
Artix:** ….Nythera…? Nan….? … definitely an N word.

Hero: New Zealand? Ninja? Nose-bleed?

George Lowe: Nostalgia? Necromancy? Nanotech? Nap-time? National? Naval? Nebula? Needy? Negotiate? Nyctophobia?

Artix: I got it!
Artix: NNNN(mumble mumble)

«Scene fades»

Hero: Artix…. I don't think you said the right word.

Artix: Why do you say that?

«Scene: Artix being held by a huge pink bear while Beleen is watching»

Artix: Nooooooo!

Beleen: AAAAHaahaahaaaaaaaaAAAAAaaaaahahahaha… *gasp* (omg)!

«Scene fades»

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