Arthelyn (Cutscene)



«Scene: Aranx is sleeping in a dark place»


«Aranx wakes up»

Aranx, help me!

Aranx: …Arthelyn? My lady, is that you?

Arthelyn: Aranx, can you hear me? I can't see you…

Aranx: Yes! I'm here! But where are you?

Arthelyn: I… don't know.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Arthelyn chained up in another dark place»

Arthelyn: It's so dark. I've been here for…
Arthelyn: …I don't know how long it's been.

Aranx: Too long. We… we thought you were dead.

Arthelyn: Not dead. Held here.

Aranx: Held captive? By who?

Arthelyn: I don't know. All I can feel is a… a force of pure evil.
Arthelyn: I can feel it corrupting me. Every moment I am here, I come closer to losing myself completely.

«Aranx starts casting a spell»

Aranx: I won't let that happen. I can use my connection with the forces of light to hone in on your location.

Arthelyn: Shh! I think I hear something.

Aranx: I'm with you. I can feel you, Arthelyn. Focus on my voice.

«Arthelyn looks up»

Arthelyn: Who's there?

Aranx: Stay focused. I've almost got it.

Arthelyn: No! NO!
Arthelyn: Get away from me!

«Aranx loses his connection to Arthelyn»

Aranx: Arthelyn! No!

«Scene: Aranx standing in the Celestial Realm»

Aranx: I've lost my connection with her…

«Aranx opens a portal»

Aranx: But this should get me close.
Aranx: Don't worry, Arthelyn. I'll find you!

«Scene: Aranx from the front»

Aranx: I'm just going to need a little help from a friend.

«Scene fades»

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