Art 101


«Scene: Hero talking with Daimyo»

«Screen is on total blackout»

Hero: I don't know what they're doing in there, but it sure looks fun! Can I just go on it?

Daimyo: .. Aaaarf? Arf-arf.

Hero: Hmm, good point. I wouldn't want to break their concentration.

«Blackout fades»

«Screen shows Samba trying to draw J6»

Samba: The pose is good, but the expression needs something. Can you smile wider? … No, wider. Wiiiiiiiiiider?

«Screen zooms at J6»

«Screen moves to Samba»

Samba: Perfect!

«Screen moves to Diozz and Dage»

Diozz: When you said you were going to try a less-detailed style, I didn't think you meant THIS.

«Diozz pointing on a lame painting»

Dage: No way, bro. That ain't MY work.

«Screen moves to s place full of gummies and Ghost randomly appears»

Ghost: Yo, where do I find the paintball guns again? I've got an urge to paint the green-room blue. You in?

«Screen moves to the gummy bears»

«Solrac randomly pops out behind the gummie holding a blue gummy bear»

«Then tosses a blue gummy bear to Ghost»

«Ghost catches the gummy bear and immediately eats it then leaves»

«Screen moves to Solrac»

Solrac: I like this guys. Hands off my stash, though. The gummies are mine.

«Screen moves to Mido and Jemini»

«Jemini holding a piece of paper»

Mido: Hey! That was one of mine.

Jemini: I thought I'd take it down before it got splattered - DUCK!

«Jemini dodges»

«Mido gets hit on the face by a pink paint»

«Screen moves to Dage»

Dage: Sorry, aiming for Diozz.

«Screen moves to Diozz»

Diozz: HAH!

«Screen fades»

«Screen turns blackout again»

Hero: Ok, Daimyo. Craziest room on the tour yet! Where do I sign up to join in?

Daimyo: Arrrrrrf!

«Scene fades»

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