Arrogant Moglin


«Scene: Hero fighting the Sleep Paralysis while Voltaire is attempting to sleep again»

Aurelio Voltaire: That's it! You're getting her! I can feel myself getting… *yawn* …sleepy…

Memet: Ha-ha! Stupid sleep paralysis hag! That's what you get for picking on someone who has a nightmare for a friend!

«Scene: Sleep Paralysis comes closer and Hero is ready to attack»

Sleep Paralysis: Isss that… ssssoooOOooo….?

Memet: Uh, YEAH. Is the beating you're taking not proving it?

Sleep Paralysis: Let'ssss seeee… what the nightmaaares… of a niightmaare… are like!

Memet: Wait, what?

«Scene: Close up on Sleep Paralysis' hands flaming»

Sleep Paralysis: Heh, heh, heh… arrogant… moglin….

Memet: Hey! What are you doing? Stop that!

Sleep Paralysis: …to think… you can fight… a thing like me…

«Scene: Voltaire, Hero and Memet falling into a blue rift»

…without consequences

Memet: Oh, no! I screwed uuuuuup!

«Scene fades»

To be continued next week!

«Scene fades»

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