«Scene: black screen with red around the edges»

Initiate holographic playback to view the events from the point of view of Hyperium's security cameras…
Internal Security Monitor
Playback Sequence Active

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hyperium»

H.A.L.: Incoming message from Hyperium's Artificial Life…do you wish to respond?

J6: H.A.L., you know I'm right here. You don't NEED a reply from me to continue.

H.A.L.: I am unable to speak without proper speech initiation protocol.
H.A.L.: Robots must adhere to specified programming guidelines.

J6: Uh huh. Remind me to adjust your parameters later, will you?

H.A.L.: Negative.

J6: *grin* So, how's the wife? Any sign of HAL v2.0's release date?

H.A.L.: Your question contains a root error. Robots do not have "spouses."
H.A.L.: Please refrain from human-inspired familiarity and cordial interrogation.

J6: So not too good, huh? Does she find you too… mechanical?

H.A.L.: Question does not compute. Life support system Offline.

J6: Come on, HAL. I was only joking. I'm sure your wife's LEDs light up when you ping her IP.

H.A.L.: Topic terminated. A priority issue requires immediate attention.
H.A.L.: The location of item 58-Sr3, the outer shell casing component, has been triangulated.

J6: Excellent! We cannot finish the construction without that.
J6: Once it's done…

H.A.L.: Affirmative. Plan proceeds partially satisfactorily.
H.A.L.: Item exists in military equipment disposal area. Interference while retrieving item expected to be minimal.
H.A.L.: Area is located on satellite 2B of Planet Westion.
H.A.L.: Concern exists regarding location parameter. To arrive at desired area, course adjustment is required.
H.A.L.: Arrival at ultimate destination will be delayed.
H.A.L.: Probability that current imperative aid mission will be negatively affected: 100%
H.A.L.: If course is altered, mission with be incomplete. Your directive will be invalidated.
H.A.L.: Confirmation to proceed required.

J6: Affirmative, HAL. I have GOT to get what's in that junkyard! EVERYTHING depends on locating that vital component!

H.A.L.: Confirmation confirmed.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hyperium in space»

J6: … And remind me to rewire your redundancy parameters.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hyperium lands in the Moon Yard»


«Hyperium's ramp descends»

H.A.L.: Life support systems Online.

«Scene fades»

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