Arms Like Noodles


«Scene: Battle Coliseum Arena»

«Hero battling Blixx and Meatball»

«Hero wins»

«Scene: Blixx and Meatball kneeling»

Jersey Jess: You two sell-outs sold us out?!

Meatball: And I’d do it again, they were going to give us their entire treasure horde.
Meatball: With just me and Blixx splitting it it would be more for us.

Blixx: Sampson, you’re such a fool… always so concerned with our honor.
Blixx: If I were leading the group were wouldn’t pass on high paying contracts because we didn’t like what the client stood for.
Blixx: If I were leading the group…

Sampson: But you’re NOT, Blixx and this is exactly why.
Sampson: Do you really think that Munthor was going to honor a deal with you?
Sampson: He agreed to a clean fight and look how that turned out.
Sampson: Sometimes, honor means more than money.
Sampson: Sometimes, it’s the only thing that matters.

Blixx: *Sigh*
You’re right. We … we got greedy.

Sampson: I should leave you guys to the Micro-Giants.

Jersey Jess: No, Sampson. We all make mistakes. We don’t abandon our people.
Jersey Jess: But we need to know what you guys did to us.

«Meatball punts a box, revealing a mysterious sphere»

Meatball: It’s this thing.

Blixx: It was enchanted to drain the strength of any dwarves who got near it.

Hero: That explains why I feel fine.

«Huggy Cub breaks the sphere»

Huggy Cub: That takes care of that. But now I can’t lift my arms anymore.
Hubby Cub: How am I suppose to slap someone around with these things?

Jersey Jess: Yeah, I already feel better but it will be hours before I can fight again.
Jersey Jess: <Hero>, it’s up to you to defeat Munthor.

Huggy Cub: Either that I can go flop around on him for a few minutes. Maybe he’ll get grossed out and leave.

Sampson: You are fighting in the name of the Dwarven Champions Guild, <Hero>.
Sampson: We know you can do it.

Hero: I’ll do my best.

«Hero leaves»

Huggy Cub: So…
Huggy Cub: Anyone wanna arm wrestle while we wait?

«Scene fades»

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