Armors that drop from monsters

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1 Dimensional Armor
Abnormal Kappa Shinobi
Acolyte of Kolyaban
Alteon the Imbalanced
Alteon's Royal Armor (AC)
Archwraith (Armor)
Arctic Invader
Armor of War
Astral Entity
Banished Brawler
Barbaric Tribesman
Baron Sunday (Armor)
Battle Sassafras
Battle Zeke (Armor)
Big Daddy Helper
Bioluminous Amanita
Black Ghost
Black Kirin Parade Costume
Black L.O.S.E.R. (Armor)
Black Pirate Costume
Blackhorn Runes Armor
Blazebeard (Armor)
Blessed Gladius Armor
Blonde Bone-shell
Blood Guardian Armor
Blood Paladin
Blue L.O.S.E.R (Armor)
BoltStriker Armor
CAD Sidekick
Caliente Carnaval Armor
Carpet Racer
Chaorrupted Defender
Chaorrupted Guard Suit
Chaorrupted Lycan Hunter (Armor)
Chaos Dragon Slayer
Chaos Executioner
Chaos Hunter (1)
Chaos Hunter Brown
Chaos Lionfang Armor
Chaos Lord Alteon (Armor)
Chaos Manticore Trainer
Chaos Shogun Armor
Chaos SpyGames
ChaosWeaver Cleric (Armor)
Chaotic Chrono Warrior
Chaotic Fleet
Chaotic Lost Warrior
Chaotic Shadows Armor
Chicken Cow Knight
Chicken Suit
Chrono Warrior
Cockatrice Hunter
Cold Bones Armor
Color Custom Zhoom
Coolest Invisible Ninja +5
Corrupted Druid
Corrupted Skyguard Captain
Countdown Disaster
Coward Armor
Creeper Skin
Crimson Bonelord
Crimson Dragoon
Cruise Captain
Cuddly GrenwogSlayer
Cyber Dryad
Dark Frostdrake Ruler
Dark FrostSpawn Mage
Dark Ninja Garb
Dark Noble Garb
Dark Ripper
DarkBlood Pit Warrior
Darkblood Zealot
Darkness (Armor)
Darkwave Outfit
Darkwolf Bandit (Armor)
Death Pit Warrior
DeepDweller Pirate
Den of Nightmares
Dino Bot
Discordia Armor
Doom Attendant
Doom Lord Vaal and Vayle (Legend)
Dr. Eisenbacke (Armor)
Draco Tenebris
Dracolich Destroyer
Dragon Rogue
Dragon Summoner
DragonSkull Warrior
Dragonslayer Slayer
Drakonnan (Armor)
Dreadhaven General +5
Dreadhaven General (Armor)
Dricken Morph Armor
Dungeon Defender
Dungeon Rockstar
Earth Shaman
Edvard/Beulah Outfit
Efreet (Armor)
Elegant Doom Toga
Elegant Gothic Valentine
Elemental Dissonance
Enchanted Titan Armor +15
Enforcer Armor
Enraged FiendHunter
Escherion's Robe
Ethan's Kingly Attire
Fae and Daz Morphs
Fallen Minion
Final's Upgraded Armor
Fire Blaze Fènnù de Hóuzi
Fire Fènnù de Hóuzi
Fire Monkey
Fireproof Suit
Flame Warrior
FlameScourge Mage
FlameScourge Warrior
Flintfang Armor (2)
Fluffy Bunny Suit
Fred Armor
Frost Deathknight
Frost Draconian
Frosted Fiend
Frostvale Healer
Frostvale Mage
Frosty Armor
Galactic Assassin
Galactic Mech
General Nevanna
Generals of the Ignited Ones
Giefury Armor
Glamour Ghoul
Glutton Armor
Goblin Disguise (Permanent)
Golden Valentine Warrior
Golden Warrior (Armor)
Golem Skin
Gourdello Armor
Grand Inquisitor Armor
Gravelyn's Dragon Armor
Great Dragon Armor
Green L.O.S.E.R.
Green Screamer (Armor)
Grenwog Slayer
Grim Dungeon Guard
Groglurk Knight
Hand-Drawn J6 Armor
Hollowsoul Wraith (Armor)
Honra Selvagem
Hydra Armor
Iadoa (Armor)
IceBreaker Mage
Imperium Leo
Inbunche (Armor)
Infernal Grim Stalker
Infernal Pactagonal Knight
Inferno Dracolich Armor
Jack Rabbit
Justice Warrior
Kathool Annihilator
Kezeroth's Armor 13 (Rare)
Kezeroth's Armor (Legend)
Killek BoneBreaker (Armor)
Kindred's Valiance Armor
King Coal's Armor
Knight of Love
Krampus (2)
La Forlorna
Laken Adherent
Lava Guard (Armor)
Lava Warrior
Ledgermayne (Armor)
Legendary Shinobi
Legionator (Armor)
Leonine Storm
Lich Of The Stone (Armor)
Lion's Bane
Living Baron Sunday
Living Ice (Armor)
Living Tree Titan (Permanent)
Lore Golem (Armor)
Lost Warrior
Lumina Mage
Madness of Chaos
Mage of the Ignited Ones
Magma Armor
Maximillian Arctic Armor
Maximillian Armor
Maya's Winter Gear
Mirror Drakath (Armor)
Mirror Knight (Armor)
Molten Dragon Plate
Moon Lab Scientist
Mystical Beast Master
Mystical Villager
Nakhiir Armor
Necro U Cheerleader
NecROMANCE (Armor)
Necrotic Caster
Neon Spectrum Shadow
Nevanna Armor
NibbleOn Guardian
Nightmare Hula
Nocturan Acolyte
Nugget Man Suit
Paladin Recruit
Pantherian Priests
Piggy Clown
Pink L.O.S.E.R. (Armor)
Pirate Ninja
Pleasant Purple Peasant
Polish Armor
Possessed Peasant (Permanent)
Prince of Dragons
Prismatic Doom Attendant
Pristine Blades of Order
Protector of Lore
ProtoSartorium (Armor)
Pumpkin Lord Armor (Legend)
Purple Dragonpriest Robes
Pyromancer's Apprentice
Queen's ArchSage (Armor)
Ragnarok Cavalier
Rath and Zail Morphs
Recycled Copper Armor
Red Dragon Destroyer
Red L.O.S.E.R. (Armor)
Red Moglinster (Armor)
Red Pirate Costume
Red Voltabolt Coat
Reflected Knight

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