Class Loremaster
My favorite thing about the world of Lore is how easy it is to try out any new role that strikes your fancy. I collect every class I can get my hands on… and I collect as much lore about them as I can find, too! I’m missing a few very important pieces, though. Maybe you could help me out - and learn a bit about some of these classes while you’re at it!

What is this place?
In the Hall of Classes, you can learn about the different classes Lore has to offer, from where to get them to how to play them. Whenever you’re looking for a new playstyle, swing by and pick something out!

In the rear courtyard there are 3 training dummies. They can't hurt you, but they can sure take a lot of damage. Try out various combinations of skills on them to see how they work! Each dummy is for a different set of levels, but you can use any of them.

- Arlen's Quests
- Hall of Classes Gear
- Hall of Classes Merge



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